Wooster Township is located in South Central Wayne County, Ohio.  The township is comprised of 20 square miles and lies outside the Wooster City Corporation limits.  Wooster Township is one of the sixteen townships of Wayne County, Ohio.



The 2000 Census found 5,250 people in the township.

The 2010 Census found 4,694 people in the township.


Electric – American Electric Power and Holmes Wayne Electric Co-op

* Electric aggregation for the Township is currently using IGS supplier ***See note below (1/31/18)

Gas – Dominion East Ohio

Phone – Century Link

Cable – Clear Picture


Wooster Township Recycling Center is located at:

Valley College Grange, 2300 Shreve Road, Wooster, Ohio 44691



1.  The current agreement with IGS expires in January 2018.

2.  New rate of $0.0478/kwh with First Energy begins with March meter reads and should be on April bills.  This rate is effective through March 2021 meter reads.

3.  There will be a couple month lapse where the going rate from AEP will be billed.

4.  During this time there will be several letters received in the mail.  There could be notices from IGS and AEP talking about the January expiration and advising people to sign up with something else.  These can be ignored.  There will eventually be a letter from First Energy explaining the new rate and will be in the form of an opt-out letter.  These will actually come in two waves with some residents seeing them now and others in a few weeks.  Should you NOT want to be in that program you can opt-out and return the letter.  To remain in the program you do not need to do anything.  Sometime after that letter, AEP will send a mailing that basically says “are you sure you want to be in the First Energy Program”.  This is a required legal step that gives everyone a second chance to say no if they wish.  This letter can also be ignored to remain in the program.

5.  The bottom line is that to participate in the new program there is no action required of the letters received.  If someone does not receive the notice from First Energy and feels that they should have, please contact us.  Anyone who is in some other third party supply will not receive the letter from First Energy, but can call and join when that expires.

6.  If you elect to participate now and change your mind anytime during the term, you can cancel with no penalty.

If you have any further questions, please call Bill Bradish, Palmer Energy, 330-419-1009